Focus everyone’s efforts on Employeeship culture and excellent managerial behaviour to create winning leadership excellence

We think PRACTICAL MANAGER  should be available to anyone.

Personal productivity tool

Plan and prioritise your day, week, month, and quarter. Create overview of what matters  most and gain more control with your own key areas.

Goals and results tool

Set personal goals and milestones, and achieve them. Share goals with your peers and align everyone in the same direction.

Culture, values and recognition tool

Drive your company culture by aligning everyone’s values and behaviours. Share positive strokes and recognition throughout the organisation, and keep everyone inspired.

Measure and improve performance

Maintain overview of team’s engagement and wellbeing. Use NPS and unique assessments of your team’s values and commitment culture.


“We focus on positive recognition of what matters to our business and give attention more frequently than before.”

“Practical Manager helps my team focus on behaviour which drives results and enthusiasm.”

“Our engagement level increased 15% surveys show.”


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