Practical Manager features

With the Practical Manager you can manage your employee experience by giving out a tool for setting and aligning goals, managing time and plan calendars with your goals in mind and creating a clear overview of priorities – your own key areas of responsibilities.

Practical Manager presents offers built-in recognition tool for sharing your positive strokes and drive your own team or corporate values with other team members – or with the external stakeholders outside your organisation.

Benefit from the assessment reports in real-time. Use the reporting for performance management. You can learn details of great managerial behaviour by following the user guidelines in the built-in assistants.

Your dashboard

Information-rich desktop with the Employee Experience score, your active goals, and the news about your teams.


Plan your success. This is your special personal time manager and time planner.


Performance management tool with your personal goals and milestones, which are important for your personal results.

Key areas

Overview of your key responsibilities, with clear overview of tasks and activities to focus on.


Share recognition strokes with people and inspire them to bring out their best.


Weekly summary of recognition strokes that were shared with other users.

Teams & Members

Reports showing degree of your values, displaying your Employeeship scores in your team, organisation, or yourself.


Dashboard shows information about your personal performance with regard to your goals and your team’s experience.

The dashboard helps you keep your eye on the goals to pursue and it reminds you of the areas that are important in order to achieve results. It also shows an information about the Employee Experience by displaying your company’s real-time employee NPS.


This section includes your personal plans. Use daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly calendars to suit your particular time planning needs and to keep an overview of the amount of your available time.

The calendar nicely integrates your tasks and activities which you have scheduled to spend your time on, thus, creating a bridge between what (the tasks and activities you decided to complete) and when (the time to do them).


This section is the overview of your goals and the milestones. You can keep an overview and manage your active goals, goal history and the goal hierarchy.

It provides a tool for managers to easily and successfully support monthly appraisal or feedback meetings. They can benefit from sharing the goals report to make monthly evaluations and meetings even easier – and align everyone in the same direction.


“The best minute you spend is the one you invest in people”. Strokes section is easy-to-use tool for creating, maintaining and rewarding “the positives” as they happen. This is a tool to catch people doing things right and give them positive recognition.

The algorithm used to monitor stroke-giving behaviour provides help and suggestions for improving your own Employeeship behaviour and those of others. The strokes in Practical Manager focus only on the positive attentions for commitment, performance and achievements.


Task management

Create an overview and control with unique task and time management tool that allows you to focus on your important tasks.
The “overview philosophy” allows you to maintain control and take decisions to spend your time on the tasks and activities that bring you the desired results and achieve your goals.
Use the Key Areas principle for sorting your tasks and activities into lists and schedule your calendars to maintain control of your time.
You can sync your tasks with other Microsoft and Google apps for better management across your devices.

Teams & Members

Teams & Members reports show detailed real-time information on your team’s culture and of the entire organisation – in addition to the general eNPS scores.

However, maybe the most valuable information is actually the one that you can do mostly about – it’s yourself.

The weekly vouchers and Employeeship index’ can be used as your personal development tool and a plan and for team appraisal and team development.

The reports give your teams information for achieving excellent employee experience, which is otherwise more too often left unknown.

How it works?

Practical Manager is a team engagement and employee experience platform, and it includes your personal results tool that everyone needs for good time management and business relationships.

It is a concise approach to creating engaged teams and focus of everyone on ‘Employeeship’ behaviour, goal-setting and problem solving, prioritising, and developing good relationships in a team and with other teams across the organisation.

By giving recognition strokes for the positive behaviours, the teams create awareness of what matters most, what they value, and seamlessly build new behaviours by putting each other first.

Teams benefit by shared personal goals and milestones – the OKR (Objectives and Key results) system. It enables them to remain focused and aligned in the same direction.

Practical Manager service looks at various kinds of recognitions that are given and received by team members and introduces useful analytics for empowerment tools: personal and team will-can matrix, organisational reports, rewards suggestions and e-strokes to help team members do their best in achieving business results.

Practical Manager also provides the productivity tool that is needed to gain overview and control of the key areas of responsibilities – the areas that are important to fulfil tasks and activities to achieve the result. It helps company managers and leaders establish better delegation, alignment and employee development in the organisation – and helps everyone to excel in their professional and general business excellence.

Key steps TO BEGIN

Take no more than 6 minutes to start improving your personal and team performance and Employeeship:

  1. Set up your profile: Edit your profile – My Teams section and Create a new team.
  2. Invite other members to your new team: Go to your profile menu and Invite new members. Visit this page to learn how you can invite many members simultaneously.
  3. Enter your key areas: make some main headings of the areas with your tasks and responsibilities; at work and in your private life. Enter the tasks to be accomplished and add a date to show that in your calendar.
  4. Give recognition: Go to strokes section and choose one of your team members or enter e-mail address of your peer. Choose among one of the behaviours, performance or achievement and click the stroke + sign.
    Include your personal
    message for your colleague.
    Congratulations! You just sent your first recognition stroke to your peer. Return back everytime you catch people do things right, and send them your recognition stroke.
  5. Now go ahead, and enter the goals section where you can add your goals to pursue.

Any small one-off tasks that shouldn’t be forgotten? Keep them in the “Don’t forget” list and release your brain to stay creative.