Organisations can excel when everyone does their best to meet and exceed the expectations of their stakeholders!

This tool was designed to implement a culture of excellence. It is about:

  • Encouraging people to bring out their best.
  • Human relations. Good relations are vital for the productivity, quality and development of any individual, team or organisation.
  • Personal productivity – managing time and priorities to achieve your goals.
  • Personal development – the prerequisite for organisational growth.
  • Helping individuals become winners and teams to become winning teams.

Who will benefit from the tool?
Everyone in the organisations – all employees, team leaders and managers, partners, executives, team members – both at work and and in private life.

Get more out of your time and out of life!

Benefits for your organisation :

  • Winning culture, where people want to bring out their best
  • Better delegation and teamwork
  • Commitment
  • Willingness to change
  • Responsibility
  • Loyalty
  • Positive energy
  • Better results
  • Better quality

Benefits for an individual:

  • Better personal management
  • Clear goals and priorities
  • Positive attitude
  • Good relationships
  • More recognition and acceptance
  • Less stress
  • Higher personal energy and personal development
  • Good team members
  • Ability to grow others
  • Personal quality
  • Greater self-esteem, the prerequisite for a life with meaning

Practical Manager will help you develop company culture and manage change.

In major change processes, more organisations should focus on the human factor. We teach and help you put people first!

It’s not about the tool but how you will use it to achieve team results.

Practical Manager includes features every  team member needs for their performance: Goals, Tasks, Recognition, Reports, Employee Net Promoter Score.

Employee NPS

Track your employee experience in real-time and follow up with teams on advice and improvements. 

If you put your people first, they will put customers first. Employee NPS shows your company’s employer ‘reputation’ by collecting real-time feedback from your employees’ experience. You can share information about the eNPS and see detailed information about promoters, passives or detractors in various teams. What’s more, with the history of eNPS scores, your teams and HR will help shape the best company environment for people to thrive.


Goals and milestones create an overview and control for your individual and team performance.

Personal goals are the basis for all kinds of company achievements and results. This system of personal goals and milestones helps them keep track and focus on their goals and how they correlate. Team managers and staff will benefit from being better informed of the performance and get more recognition and drive for good performance. Your 1-1 meetings will focus on and aim for development and results.


Tasks and Key Areas of responsibility create an overview and control of what it takes to achieve results.

People today are stressed by too much technology and information and fail to differentiate what is important vs urgent and tend to spend too much time on what is not important. This section enables you to focus your time on what matters the most to achieve your goals.

It also helps you identify your activity traps, keep your eye on “Don’t forget” items, and keep your focus on the right things.

Important-Urgent focus


Help people do their best by recognising their performance, achievements and Employeeship behaviour.

People who feel good produce good results. You can create teams full of positive recognition – which helps people feel committed and proud to do their best. This feature is a unique way of focusing your organisation on the positive events which create company-wide awareness and Employeeship behaviour. When everybody “plays” for themselves and the “team” to win, the company will create an Employeeship culture characterised by everyone being capable and willing to do their best.

Recognition screenshot

My account

A stroke account is an innovative way of changing recognition into incentives for personal development.

Any attention given or received should help you and the team become more successful and competent players and excel. People improve and develop if they are recognised and can use positive attention for personal development. Teams can develop if recognition is shared among everyone across the board. This feature is a member’s real-time account summing the positive attention for values, performance and achievements.


The WILL/CAN development tool for individuals and teams gives an overview and aid in deciding the proper steps for your self and team development.

Do you want to know who your team’s top star, performer, or enthusiast is, or in need of more development and inspiration?

The visual reports are available with real-time information and will help you take a crisp overview of every team’s performance and your company culture in real time. Even more, it’s your “energy meter” pulse indication, which displays the company culture based on everyone’s inputs instead of biased evaluations.