Practical Manager is your preferred tool for achieving Leadership Excellence

Two aspects of leadership

Excellent organisations create Leadership Excellence – part of the Claus Møller’s model for General Business Excellence.

Leadership is exercised when managers and staff practise Managerial Behaviour and inspire each other to display Employeeship. When everyone exercises Managerial Behaviour and displays Employeeship, the company has achieved LEADERSHIP EXCELLENCE.


Your personal Managerial Behaviour is the most important

Management is exerted by people, individually or as a group, and the essence of management is the managerial behaviour of the individual. Managerial behaviour is practised when a person in interaction with relevant others: Sets goals, Solves the problems in order to achieve the goals, and Selects or creates a language enabling everyone involved to communicate on ends and means.

Managerial behaviour is the integration of all three. The challenge for every company is to inspire everyone to develop and exercise excellent managerial culture.


Goal-setting behavior

Reaching a mutual understanding of where we want to go together – the future desired state.


Problem-solving behavior

Identifying and eliminating the problems and obstacles on the way towards the goals.


Communicating behavior

Establishing a frame of reference by choosing or creating a language that enables the relevant participants to communicate on ends and means.